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passes. he is against it because it calls for some deep cuts to both medicare and social security. still, though, the president says the two sides are "making progress" after some more closed-door negotiations. and anxiety over the august 2nd debt deadline has helped push the stock market to its lowest close in a month on monday. but that is causing a surge in gold prices sending them to record levels. as abc's john berman reports. >> reporter: the partisanship, politicking and lack of progress in washington might already be taking a toll on your personal bank account and 401(k). the stock drop, the first sign investors are saying action we're pad as hell and we're not going totoake it anymore. >> the impatience and the frustration is clearly getting there. >> reporter: wall street has a way of voicing its displeasure. and it's down right ugly. remember september 2008 when greg failed to pass a bank bailout? stocked cratered nearly 780 points that day.
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we're not there yet. but there are other unnerving signs. call it a canary in a gold mine. gold prices are skyrocketing. closing above $1,600 for the first time ever. 5050 higher than 10 years ago. why is this troubling? it's investors betting there will be bedlam. no solution to the debt mess. fearing a market meltdown, gold is seen as a safe haven. >> the same concept as taking money out of the market and putting it under your mattress, putting it straight into gold. >> reporter: those ads on tv explain the new age gold rush. >> listen to that. that's the sound of security. >> reporter: earlier this year, the university of texas even put $1 billion of their endowment into gold. literally storing more than 6,000 gold bars in a vault. the rising prices really are one of the key signs to watch over the next few days. if they keep going up and up and
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up day after day after day it really means that investors are betting on something close to a meltdown. john berman, abc news, new york. and now to a story that is as brutal as it is disturbing. a 17-year-old boy from south florida is now under arrest charged with the murders of both of his parents. port st. lucie police say tyler hadley used a hammer to kill his mother first and then his father. this took place saturday. then investigators say hadley invited dozens of his facebook friends to the family's home where those bodies were for a party. >> during the party and after the party there was rumor that perhaps tyler may have killed his parents and a partygoer may have made an anonymous tip. >> the crime scene was certainly a merciless killing. it was a brutal and -- and then the facebook invitation, a party, to have your friends, 40 to 60 people come over, i think
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speaks for itself. >> the bodies were discovered after the party. police do not yet have a motive. roman catholics in the philadelphia area will have a new leader today. cardinal justin regali is expected to step down after eight tumult yus years. he's been under pressure for his handling of the priest sex abuse allegations. the vatican is expectedd to nam the archbishop of denver to take over in philadelphia. south africans celebrated nelson mandela's landmark berth day by doing community service projects. the former president spent the day quietly with family in hisi home village. abc's dana hughes reports now from johannesburg. >> reporter: south africans are honoring a man the nation affectionately calls its father. nelson mandela. >> we love you. >> reporter: more than 12 million schoolchildren sang happy birthday to the global icon who turned 93. the students singing are the first generation born after
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mandela was released from prison. ♪ happy birthday to you >> these children are really fortunate. they are a free generation. they are a free nation. because they only know the good parts of nelson mandela's life. >> reporter: as part of international mandela day, thousands of south africans are doing 67 minutes of community service to help the country's most needy. it's a way to pay tribute to a man who gave 67 years of his life to o ee and heal a nation. people here say the best way to honor mandela's long walk to freedom is for all south africans to continue the journey. dana hughes, abc news, johannesburg. >> it's nice to see that kind of celebration. there are so many rumors about the state of his health and how much longer he may have. it's good that he had that kind of celebration. >> 93 years old, pretty incredible, remarkable man. a giant shroud of dust has engulfed phoenix for the second
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time this month. this time the wall of dirt and debris was 3,000 feet high. take a look at these pictures. incredible. it swept over the city there dramatically reducing visibility and also delaying flights. police blame the dust on a car accident that left two people critically injured. another day of blazing heat threatens a big area from texas to the midwest and all the way to the east coast. temperatures in some areas soared up to 125 degrees. it was too much to bear for dozens of baseball fans. one woman suffered from heat exhaustion at yesterday's minnesota twins doubleheader. she was among 50 fans who had to be treated after passing out and becoming dizzy in this incredible heat. >> stay cool, drink water, stay under the ac. >> we had a hot day here and a huge thunder and lightning storm afterwards. >> 20 states right now, incredibly hot. stay safe. take a look at your weather now on this tuesday morning. heat warnings as we said, watches and advisories in 20 states from the rockies to the east coast. severe storms threaten a big area from minnesota to north
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carolina. off and on thunderstorms from eastern texas to pensacola and rainy in the pacific northwest and in the rockies. >> not so bad in sacramento and boysy. we're looking at about 80 there. 106 in phoenix. kansas city 94. dallas coming in at 98. 90s from new orleans to atlanta to new york. boston at 85. this story has your name all over it. you and the other pet lovers out there. and i'm happy to report that the dogs and cats of palm beach gardens, florida, are safer this morning than they were yesterday. >> that's right. that's because fire and rescue teams there are now certified to perform cpr on pets. take a look at this right here. they actually have special oxygen masks to put over our furry friends' mouths to help resuscitate them. >> they say it's all about being able to help the community in whatever way they can. >> and you know what, though, pets are family members. we've also done stories where pets have gone into fires to save their litter and they bring them back out and they need
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resuscitation and oxygen just like we do. >> that's right, that's right. >> i do mouth mouth on my dog, though, i would. is that weird? >> that's a little personal, i didn't expect that, peggy, really if. >> who wouldn't. come on. doggy cpr. >> oh, yes. more "world news now" coming up after the break. i'm going to seek some professional help for peggy and we'll be right back. let me tell you about a very important phone call i made. when i got my medicare card, i realized i needed an aarp... medicare supplement nsurance card, too. medicare is one of the great things about turning 65, but it doesn't cover everything. in fact, it only pays up to " 80% of your part b expenses. if you're already on or eligible for medicare, call now to find out how an aarp... insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company,
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women are loving! covergirl tureluxe silk foununtion. it covers flawlessly with a touch women can't get enough of. smooth, silky, love it!!! natureluxe silk foundation from easy breezy beautiful, covergirl. day started talking about a little paganism. >> of course, naturally. >> when most people think of that they think of moon rituals, crazy rituals, goats' blood. >> that is changing in england where the government is saying
2:46 am
pagans are just like you and me, minus the crazy outfits. here's abc's nick watt. >> reporter: sergeant simon wood is a mild-mannered police officer. he's been on the force 22 years. he's a military veteran. he's calm, rational, respected. >> we call upon you to bless us with your intuition -- >> reporter: he's also a pagan druid. >> hail and welcome. >> hail and welcome. >> and let me hear noise! >> reporter: this is a pagan new moon ritual. paganism has just been given the status of a religion in britain. and it's growing. some say there are 250,000 followers. so many that british police have issued guidelines for officers should they stumble upon something like this. >> some ceremonies include a
2:47 am
blindfolded, naked participant whose hands may be bound. this is in accordance with ritual and has the full consent of the participant. >> reporter: does that happen? >> that relates to one particular ritual which you could find in some groups. it's an initiation rite is what it is. they're going through a death and a rebirth. >> reporter: simon was reborn 11 years ago. his wife used to be involved too. but they've got a kid now and sometimes it's hard to find a sitter. this is a large, large part of your life. >> yes. >> i ask that i may receive the blessing of the element of water. >> reporter: okay, so what is paganism? well, it's pre-christian, and basically, it's the worship of the land, animals, spirits and ancient gods. >> there's more and more people getting more involved. >> why?? >> i think it's because it gives
2:48 am
them something back which modern-day society doesn't give you. with this athame, the symbol of all things male. we're getting more and more far removed from nature. >> reporter: i found all this a strange mix tour of the prosaic -- >> thanks for coming. >> reporter: fabulous costumes. >> it gets you into a mind set. >> reporter: contrived, oldie worldy language. >> our emotions flow like water with earthly desire. >> reporter: and harmless worship of nature. and if any blindfolded make people are consenting, as the police tell us, then why not? i'm nick watt, the new forest, england. >> seems like a fun crowd. >> slightly unusual. apparently, 31,000 people are practicing paganism in england and wales in 2001. these are old stats. it seems increasing accccding to nick watt. >> 250,000 people,, so it is spreading. best of luck. coming up next, he is small on size but big on attitude.
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discover the amazing sleep number bed and get great savings during the final days of our summer closeout. only through july 24th, only at the sleep number store, where queen mattresses start just $699. while you were gone we made a couple of changes. the favorite story of the day. once we say that the stump comes up. usually we do the stamp. there you about. >> a little slow. >> you want to practice it? >> there you go. >> you're up to speed. you're all done. >> fitting for my first day back. this is an animal story. i've been gone so long i've missed the animal stories. i never thought i'd say that. >> we're warming up his cold fight. >> this is a mini crime-fighting super dog. abc's neal karlinsky has our favorite story of the day. >> reporter: when it comes to heroes there's superman.
2:51 am
miracle pilot captain "sully" sullenberger. now paco the chihuahua. ten pounds of steady nerves and guts. look at him in action, taking on a couple of armed thugs robbing this southern california tobacco store. he didn't just take the fight straight to their ankles and kneecaps, disorienting and surprising the pair. he actually ran them out, nipping at their heels and chasing them across the street. >> reporter: shop owneric knight says paco is the neighborhood pooch who sit is in the shop a a day. >> everybody around this knows who paco is. >> reporter: a lover, not a fighter, or so everyone around here not. >> i was shocked. he's sitting back, taking it easy. >> reporter: the thieves did get some money. but it could have been worse. he may not be much bigger than a loaf of bread but in a tough scrape, take it from the bad guys, you don't want paco the chihuahua as your enemy.
2:52 am
neal karlinsky, abc news. >> do not mess with paco. i'm saying that you are a dog lover, animal lover now, right? sort of? >> oh. the dog or the jerry curl, good lord.
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"world news now" delivers your "morning papers." >> all right, everybody wants to build their dream home, right? live in this space that they sort of fantasize about. finally you get to build it. turns out this millionaire concrete chairman, his name's steven huff, he lives in missouri, he's finally been able to build his dream home. take a look at this home, this is i ithe ozarks. this is a 72,000 square foot gothic chateau. it's been built with 100% concrete. >> that's a good look. >> which a lot of us are familiar with, it's called a mall. >> nothing's more homie than concrete. >> take a look at this. the chateau, it's got all
2:56 am
different things. 13 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, billiard rooms, a home theater, win cellar. it looks even like san quentin sort of. >> it looks like a prison. it's just weird. i guess like you said, this guy's business is concrete. >> it's concrete, this is what he does. put some bars on the windows. >> wasn't it like somebody -- >> submitted blueprints, it's bigger than the white house. the white house is 55,000 square feet. it's beating out some of the biggest houses that people have thought of. >> i love this story. as a new jersey native here. and all the -- "the jersey shore." i think those kids are hysterical. i know everyone complains about them. "the jersey shore" is hurting the image of new jersey. there's a new university poll out saying, no, it's actually not. 43% of those who have seen the show have a favorable opinion of new jersey. 41% who have seen it also think new jersey is great. meaning there's no difference of opinion whether you saw the show or did not. that's actually showcasing the
2:57 am
state's beaches and all that. so there you go. clinical proof. >> no matter what you say, they do have great beaches. maybe not great hair. have you ever been arrested or heard of a bride being arrested on her wedding day and posing in her getup for her mug shot? take a look here with the veil, the whole nine yards. she's 53 years old, getting married in michigan. she had a felony -- she had a warrrrt out for her arrest, convicted of a felony, skipped town. she moved to florida, the authorities got word she'd be back in town in michigan foror r wedding. they waited for her to walk down the aisle. after she did so, they went ahead and arrested r. they let her take a few more photos. get this, they w wt in, booked her, took the mug shot, then let her go back for some of the reception. >> hey, look, she paid for it, i do get your party. >> you went to new orleans. >> i just got back from new orleans. asked me to come down to emcee their awards banquet. had a great time. i wanted to bring back a few
2:58 am
pictures there. one of the lifetime achievement winners. environmental reporter for the newspaper down there. had a wonderful, great time. jim henderson. big legendary sports ♪ welcome home! you've served your country. d now that you've completed your service... you've got lots of opportunities foyour future. but health comes first. sign up for healthcare at your nearest t va. or are you thihinking about a job or school? ththe g.i. bill can help pay for college and va's job assistance can prepe you for a career. want tbuy a house? see if you qualify for a zero-down vava home loan it's your va, take advantage of your benefits. [ male announcer ] find o more at
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intense conditions. the truss ask deadly heat that has killed at least a dozen people across the midwest alone this week. >> and the misery is spreading with heat advisories and warnings posted in a long list of states. it's tuesday, july 19th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, remember i'm rob nelson. >> i'm peggy bunker. so nice to have you back. you've been gone doing some corrrrpondent work. now we've got you back at the desk. >> six weeks. feels like the first day of school all over again. >> i know. everybody's going to be happy did see you back in the chair.
3:01 am
we do want to get to the news this morning. it is another day of air conditioning on full blast as this july heat wave grips a big area from texas to the north and east. also out west, they're getting it as well. take a look at this hehe. another huge dust storm blows across phoenix. the first one that we saw a little while ago was pretty impressive. take a look at this now. >> it's just a wall sweeping over the city like that. never seen anything like that before. i know it's fairly common out there but the footage is ininedible. also ahead media giant rupert murdock will have a tough time ahead of him defending his company's reputation in front of britain's parliament. he'll face questioning on live tv about that ongoing hacking scandal. the ripple effect of that is amazing. arrest and the empire some say on the brink. >> it's really incredible. you think people are paying attention to that here, in the uk it's like watching wimbledon. everybody is tuned in watching every twist and turn of the story. also coming up later this half hour, what a blunder on morning television in london.
3:02 am
the wrong questions. you have to wonder what was going on behind the scenes. i always feel situations like this, don't throw stones. we've all been in those positions where things go completely awry. >> live tv. >> this was really bad. >> not that we ever make a mistake here on "world news." >> never. at least not in the past 30 seconds. let's get to the top news story right now. that is the unrelenting heat that is simmering in at least 20 states and counting. >> that's right. as the blast of oppressive air migrates east, tens of millions of people should not expect relief just yet until the end of the month. let get the latest now from abc's scott goldberg. >> reporter: as tempting as it is to call this a heat wave, for so much of the country it's actually a heat dome. a canopy holding in high temperatures from texas all the way up north. >> feel like i'm taking another shower, actually. drenched in my own sweat. >> reporter: there's no relief on the horizon. this week 11 states could feel temperatures as high as 115 degrees. >> not moving at all, looks like
3:03 am
we'll be dealing with this high pressure system for many days to come. >> reporter: there are advisories or warnings in 17 states, as far east as ohio. before the week is over, forecasters say 40 of the 50 states will have temperatures above 90. also by week easily end we'll be feeling that heat here along the interstate 95 corridor. they're predicting temps near 100 from new york city to washington, d.c. but for the next few days, no rest for weary places like oklahoma. ththcapitata oklahoma city, already has been in the 100s for 27 days this year. >> it is tragic. we are losing our water and all the fish that are in these ponds. >> reporter:r:t's also dangerous. the national weather service says heat is this country's number one weather-related killer. the elderly are especially vulnerable. >> they'll complain of dizziness, weakness, being light-headed. >> reporter: the remedy, stay hydrated and stay inside. abc news, new york. the phoenix area is coated in a thick coat of dust for the
3:04 am
sec time in just two weeks. another major dust storm moved across the valley late yesterday with a wall of dirt and debris that was 3,000 feet high. take a look at this. incredible footage. the dust delayed flights and the winds knocked out power for hundreds of converustomers. take a look at your tuesday forecast. storms could kick up even more dust as it brings more rain to the southwest. cincinnati, d.c. and raleigh. also morning showers in the northeast. scattered showers and thunderstorms from pensacola and waco, texas. i noticed we've changed the music since i've been gone. >> we're now into the '90s. i think they shelveded the music from the '80s. we're pushing for 2000. >> incremental progress. >> 98 in dallas. 95 in omaha. and 91 in chicago. we are looking at 90-degree temps from new orleans to new york. speaking of new orleans. phoenix hits 106.
3:05 am
and salt lake city 93. boise coming in at 85. well, a slow-moving storm system was a little too much for the new orleans area to handle and created a big flooding mess there. several low-lying spots flooded after 8 inches of rain fell in a few hours. yesterday the problems were the same along the mississippi coast. that's where nearly 2 feet of rain fell. >> but it is an ongoing drought that's causing a crisis in a vast area of eastern africa. the situation is so grim that a u.n. children's agency predicts up to 500,000 children could die. lama hasan reports now from a refugee camp in kenya. >> reporter: 25 days ago they made a decision. abdullah and his wife decided to leave e e drought behind. they took their mother and four children, setting outut on footn search of water and life. a grueling 25-day trek. the hot winds are wicked. his wife did not make it.
3:06 am
>> translator: she died because of hunger. >> reporter: gaja, the somali word for hunger. was she giving her food to her kids instead of eating it? >> translator: yes, she was giving it to her children. >> repororr: this is where they have landed. the refugee camps. an oasis in a very parched land. it is bursting. almost 4 l00,000 and rising by e day. the e ctors say they need antibiotics, basics like soap and water jugs and they need it now. no matter what they have, it physical miles from the somalia border. a deadly 50 miles these families must travel even after they escape somalia. the aid groups say they can't get any closer. the threat of al qaeda militias make it too dangerous. as we talk, one of the doctors notices how malnourished his younger son is. they rush him to the hospital.
3:07 am
dad tries to feed him milk. adam struggles. they fight for him. do you think he's going to be okay? >> yes, it will be okay. >> reporter: as we leave, adam isis nestled if his grandmother arms. it will be the best it in's sleep the little boy will have in a long time. while countless families set out on the same desperate walk. lama hasan, abc news, kenya. >> heartbreaking. for details on how to help, go to the bill and melinda gates foundation helped to make our report from africa possible. police in southern oregon are investigating a family tragedy. they say a father in medford stab his wife and four childrer and set their house on wife. all the victims died. the suspect was taken to the hospital and is now under police guard. he is not officially been charged. media giant rupert murdock goes before parliament in a few hours to answer questions about the growing scandal that had enveloped his company. abc's jeffrey kofman reports
3:08 am
what's at stake. >> reporter: after britain's top cop, sir paul stevenson, resigned in the murdock newspaper phone-hacking scandal a top kepdy has followed his former boss out the door. police commissioner john yates was under fire for failing to pursue evidence of widespread telephone hacking by "news of the world." both men denying wrongdoing. sunday, rebekah brooks, former "news of the world" editor, was arrested. all eyes are on james murdock. he admits to paying $1 million to a soccer star whose phone was illegally hacked. >> there was a particular settlement that i authorized and i've said was made with information that was incomplete. i acted on the advice of executives and lawyers with incomplete investigation. that's a matter of real refwret for me personally. >> reporter: the scandal could have repercussions in the u.s. home to more than half of the $33 billion murdock media empire
3:09 am
that includes fox tv and fox news. >> there is a more turpitude clause in the fcc regulations for tv stations, which is that you have to be certified to be of good character. >> reporter: tuesday, rupert murdock, james murdock, and rebekah brooks will appear before a committee at the british house of commons to answer questions. this is the first time they'll have spoken about this scandal since it broke two weeks ago. it is certain to be another dramatic day here. jeffrey kofman, abc news, london. >> as we were talking about, off the top, this is like a wimbledon match apparently in england where they're watching every detail. in fact, the whistlebloefr who made the made the initial accusations has been found dead which is another turn. they are saying sean hoar's death is not considered suspicious but it's an added layer into this whole story. >> an odd coincidence. on top of that two of the websites from murdock newspapers were hacked into, one of them had a fake story that murdock himself had died.
3:10 am
it was a fake folk story but the ripple effects keep on coming. >> a hacking, a bit of a taste of their own medicine, perhaps. if you are in the san francisco bay area and need work done on your bike they're here are more than happy to help you out at mike's bikes. >> don't try to pay the bill with pennies. they don't want them and they're not accepting them. the ship rounds every cash transaction down to the nearest nickel. >> shop owners say the policy saves them about 2,000 bucks a year because it takes time to count all those pennies in the the till. it costs the government 1.7 cents to mint each penny. they're saying the penny is inconsequential to the bug anymore. >> it kind of is is. who pays in pennies? more "world news now" coming up after the break, don't go far. hó
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welcome back, everybody. this was the huge story while i
3:15 am
was gone. still going on and the big question now is where in the world is casey anthony? the answer is actually only known to a select few. >> this disturbing story continues. if you can believe it, when she left jail she boarded a private jet and since then the rumors of her destination have been flying. abc's diana alvear reports now from orlando. >> reporter: where is casey anthony? last seen making a hurried exit out of jail. her attorneys aren't revealing anything. even when pressed in this fox news interview. >> is she or has she left florida? >> i certainly couldn't disclose anything like that. >> reporter: this plane could be key in solving the mystery of anthony's whereabouts. three hours after she was released from jail, it took off from orlando executive airport. and happens to be registered to one of anthony's attorneys. whether she was a passenger or the plane was merely a decoy to confuse the media, it ultimately landed in prescott, arizona, at 3:00 a.m. pacific time. one thing is certain. anthony did not go home to her
3:16 am
parents. their attorney says they simply received a text saying she was safe. some security experts say while it's best for anthony to leave orlando, she may not be welcome anywhere else. >> there is that possibility that no local authorities would want this individual to be in their immediate area or wind their confines. >> reporter: especially when so many within the public are still angry at the verdict. some gathered at caylee's makeshift memorial to mourn. >> it is what it is. but she'll -- she'll face justice soon. >> i don't feel any closure. i mean -- i don't. i just feel liken innocent child was taken away from us. >> reporter: diana alvear, abc news, orlando. >> a lot of p pple probably feel the same way. coming up, boys who break gender stereotypes by wearing pink. >> sure to make a difference, what color clothing boys choose to wear. we'll explore the uproar when we come back.
3:17 am
3:18 am
♪ pink cause you are so very >> nobody love you like steve. if there was one thing easy about buying a gift for a new parent it was this. boys get blue, girls get pink. apparently things have changed. >> that's right. the color lines between the sexes have been blurred. for soso young boys pink is the new blue. here's abc's andrea canning. >> repepter: greg larkin started reaching for pink at an early age. >> wardrobe choices are pink, purple, chartreuse. >> does he haveink cowboy boots? >> absolutely. not typical boy colors. >> reporter: lately pink is making a stink.
3:19 am
from an episode of "toddlers in tiaras," featuring boys. to books and blogs supporting sons and their pink and personal choices. and remember, the recent media maelstrom over the j. crew catalolofeaturing these painted pink toes. a phenomenon so frenzied -- >> pink. >> hot pink nail polish on his toes. >> reporter: that john stewart dubbed it toemageddon 2011. >> it's a big deal to see boys in pink because it's not the cultural convention. but it's nothing hardwired. boys are not innately aversive to pink, girls are not innately attracted to pink. >> reporter: so along with greg we invited a few other dads whose sons have varied interests and preferences to start an open dialogue about the gender color wars. >> in a perfect world you had your choice, would you rather your son grabbing for the pink shirt or the blue shirt? >> i'd want him to go to the one
3:20 am
he was drawn to. >> i follow my child's lead. because it's not really the point of what i like, it's the point what was my child likes. >> i prefer my child to choose blue. but if he wants to choose the pink or blue shirt it's up to him. >> i think the reason parents are uncomfortable with putting boys in pink is frankly they think, it will make him gay. we're all -- people are still homophobic although i think it's changing rapidly. >> reporter: next we assembled a group of 6 to 8-year-old boys to get a taste of their color code. first, an unscientific experiment. we asked themm to simply choosea scooter to ride. green, pink, blue. after the first two boys went straight for the green scooter on the right -- >> pretty cool. >> reporter: we decided to switch the order, putting the pink on the right instead. the next choices? >> this one. >> reporter: blue, blue, green. two of the boys went back again and weren't afraid to choose pink the second time around. we also asked the boys to choose from a sample of shirts. i want you each to pick a shirt and try it on.
3:21 am
so grab one. some couldn't move fast enough to grab the blue and the beige. but in the end -- >> i like pink. >> reporter: the same two boys chose pink and they made a point to bond over it. >> pink is cool, man. >> do you ever worry pink is a girl color? >> no, not really. >> how come? >> i'm okay with it. i don't really believe in the girl colors, boy colors kind of thing. i'm with every color. >> i like pink. i also think the boy color, girl colors is not fair. >> do you think the world is telling you you're supposed to wear blue because you're a boy? >> no, i just -- in my opinion, i don't like pink. but i'm just not a pink guy. >> would anyone wear this? out in public? >> no. >> if i got forced really badly then i'd do it. but if not, no way. >> i think those are smart little kids. very gutsy. we love that.
3:22 am
it takes probably guts to say that. i love that, very well spoken. >> very good. our big facebook question of the day. should young kids or young boys be discouraged from wearing pink? chime in on our facebook page for sure. get out.
3:23 am
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my girlfriend has not stopped playing that song in the
3:26 am
last month. >> no one's stopped playing it. it's on the radio every single station you turn, that song is on. finally as impossible as it seeps rob and i screw up on the air, it happens here and there. the trick is to stay cool and calm and blame it on -- it was him. >> sometimes the mix-up is a little too big and there just is nowhere to hide. >> happens to everyone. >> yes. ang abc's nick wart reports. >> reporter: the story is the roger clemens trial and a live guest is ben walker, baseball writer. >> i know you've been cupping roger clemens's career for the best part of 23 years. just remind us how big a name he is in the sport of baseball. >> reporter: between you and me, that's not ben walker. it's michael wolff, expecting to tata about murdock. >> i beg your pardon, ben, can you hear me in new york? >> it's even a worse situation than that. because i am not ben walker. and i know nothing about baseball. >> reportete fabulous. live tv, stuff happens.
3:27 am
>> what's gone wrong in your author? >> i'm afraid this is not what i'm talking about. >> i'm afraid we obviously have the wrong guest here. >> reporter: most wrong guests are polite. >> what's the problem at the moment? with the football fans? >> sorry, you've got the wrong one. >> reporter: my favorite? this guy at the bbc for a job interview, whisked on-air. >> guy is the editor of the technology website "news wireless." good morning to you. >> good morning. >> reporter: he ran with it. >> most people are downloading to the internet -- >> reporter: others run away. >> john banks, he's central london studio -- >> reporter: i like michael wolff's approach. bold, brash, honest. >> i am not ben walker. and i know nothing about baseball. >> oh my goodness. there's so many ways that that can happen. i do think that took a lot of
3:28 am
ts for the guy to say, you've got the wrong guy. the pressure to go alongngith it is strong. >> oh, yeah. you're live, there's no do-over. thank god nothing like that happens here. we're just too my name's reggie. just recently, my wife andd i took in her sister's children. now, we already had 4, sso i went from becoming family mato a man with a bigger family. and you can't eat love, so i don't know how i'm going to feed them tonightht. how w was that, reg? i think i look more like denzel. that's cold, man. anuncer: play a role in ending hunger. visit and find your local food bank.
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3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," financial impact. investors concerned about the lack of federal debt deals may react and now the stock market takes a dive. >> as the world waits for the political deadlock to end there are big concerns from wall street to your street. it's tuesday, july 19th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning. i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm rob nelson. as president obama threatens to veto one republican plan to cut spending and come up with more money, investors are now banking on gold. see what's happening to the price of precious metals during this very uncertain situation. i'm going to steal some of your
3:31 am
jewelry. >> that's right, i know, hands off. who knew this would get so valuable. there's gold parties where people sort of sell their jewelry because you can make so much money. >> tough times. >> it is tough times for a lot of folks. also coming up ahead, a very disturbing story from the pacific northwest where police say that a troubled mother tried to sell hare newborn baby for as little as $500. and you'll never believe where this took place, at a taco bell restaurant. >> they say post-partum depression issues, a divorce. obviously emotional trauma. >> a bad situation. later this half hour, they finished in second place of course at the world cup but they're still treated as champions as they should be. team usa gets a rousing welcome here in new york. i was out of town and i watched that game. so rooting for them, they couldn't pull ititut but they gave everybody a great ride. still champions. >> that's the best way to put it, it was a great ride. some of those games we didn't think they'd win but they really did a terrific job. but first, worries about the
3:32 am
u.s. debt crisis are dragging down markets worldwide. investors are now worried about the august 2nd deadline. >> meanwhile, closed-door talks on solving the crisis are still ongoing in washington. abc's john hendren has the latest on that. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, rob and peggy. that august 2nd deadline is approaching fast and there is stililno break in those debt talks. but that hasn't stopped either side from looking for what they're calling the big deal. after another day of d dt talks and no deal, the market sent an unmistakable message. >> 3.5 million for sale -- >> reporter: stocks tumbled nearly 100 points, setting off a modern-day gold rush. >> listen to that. that's the sound of security. >> reporter: gold is a safe haven in bad times. >> the same concept of taking money out of the market and putting it under your mattress. >> reporter: earlier this year the university of texas even put $1 billion of its endowment into gold, literally storing more than 6,000 gold bars in a vault. still, president obama is hopeful.
3:33 am
>> making progress. >> reporter: he's still holding out for a big deal with $4 trillion in spending cuts. >> the president still believes that we should push for the biggest possible deal. >> reporter: still, republicans and democrats agree on one thing. they'll keep negotiating to meet the august 2nd deadline. >> we're going to stay in session every day. >> every day monday through sunday. and get this problem fixed. >> reporter: a promise the markets seem to be believing less and less. there is a plan that's nobody's first choice. that's why it's called plan "b." it would allow the president to raise the nation's debt limit by himself. because it comes with no spending cuts, wall street might not buy it. rob d peggy? >> this debate ending no time soon in terms of making some real progress. seems tentative at best. people forget this is the tenth time since 2001 they've had this discussion about raising the debt. this isn't new for the country to do this. >> it's making a lot of folks
3:34 am
angry when they talk about extending this or coming up with a short-term solution and going through it all over again once that solution expires, which really seems outrageous. >> we'll see how it plays out. the clocking titiing, right? >> it certainly is, that's right. media giant rupert murdock can expect tough questions himself when he testifies before british lawmakers in the a few hours. members of parliament want answers in the growing phone hacking and police payoff scandal. it will be the first time murdock has spoken at length about the accusations that threaten to bring down his empire. murdock's son james also agreed to testify. now to that disturbing story we mentioned from the pacific northwest. a mother there is accused of trying to sell her newborn baby at a taco bell restaurant. katutu lincoln grays reports from vancouver, washington. >> reporter: heidi gasaway covers her face as she leaves a clark county courtroom, now accused of an unthinkable crime.
3:35 am
>> i just don't understand how she would take a baby like that and try to sell it. >> reporter: oliver morris owns kay's hotel. he had rented a room to the woman earlier in the week and noticed shed a brand-new infant with her. he was shocked when police told him why they were taking her into custody. >> she was trying to sell the baby to get some money to skip town, go someplace else and start a new life. >> reporter: the attempted sale of her 3-day-old baby took place here, a nearby taco bell. according to court documents gasaway approached a woman at the restaurant and made the offer. the asking price, between $500 and $5,000. the woman refused and called 911 when gasaway left. police tracked her down to the motel and arrested her. she's now charged with a class "c" felony and faces up to five years in prison if convicted. a horrifying case. but even oliver morris sees a bright side. >> at least the baby's alive, put it that way. i would rather see the baby taken into foster care, rather than her to try and get rid of it some other way and skip town. >> you know this is a really
3:36 am
good time to mention that most hospitals will have a no ask policy. if you are feeling that you really need a place to take your infant, you can take to it a hospital and they will take that infant, no questions asked, as long as you drop it off safely. >> sometimes a church, a police department, a fire department, things like that. there are other alternatives. >> exactly. >> disturbing story. in other news now, police in the wealthy san diego suburbrbf coronado are looking into two deaths, both inside the very same mansion. last wednesday the mansion's owner's girlfriend was found dead. late sunday the owner's son died from injuries he suffered after falling down the stairs. investigators say the 6-year-old's death was an accident, but they're callllg the 32-year-old woman's death suspicious. they have not yet ruled out suicide. the extreme heat is being blamed for more than a dozen deaths this week across the midwest alone. so far more than 1,000 record highs have been broken this month. as abc's yunji de nies reports, lakes in texas are drying up due to the heat. >> reporter: the images are astounding.
3:37 am
where water should be, now only cracking mud and dry dust. and the exact same thing is happening all over the state. this is lake travis in central texas before the drought. and here it is now. the bathtub ring. an eerie reminder of what was. in southwest oklahoma, hal mcknight's fish ponds are evaporating in front of him. he's moving his fish into deeper water by hand to save them. >> we do have dry, hot summers here in oklahoma. but we have never seen anything like this. >> reporter: 20 states, from texas to minnesota and into ohio, are under a heat watch, warning or advisory. so much of the heat is centered over areas still drying out after massive spriri floods. all that surface water is now evaporating. adding high humidity to triple-digit misery. so where to get relief? you might think cool lakes. but with water levels falling, blue green algae and bacteria
3:38 am
are exploding in these warm, stagnant waters. in oklahoma health officials have shut down access to several contaminated lakes. >> the floods brought a lot of fertilizer in and the heat is basically making the reservoirs into pea soup. everyone is at some degree of risk if theywim during areen blue algae bloom of having some sort of rash or skin irritation. >> reporter: that is a boat, i am at the bottom o othe lake bed, clearly it will be a belong time before that boat gets back into the water. this heat is incredibly dangerous. just hours ago, a man died here in north texas. officials say they found him in a home with no air conditioning. yunji de nies, abc news, lake arlington, texas. >> we're talking about deadly heat. very, very serious. let's take a look at those temps in your tuesday forecast. humid with severe storms and flash flooding from minneapolis to washington, d.c. morning showers around new york and philadelphia. we also have popup thunderstorms along the gulf coast. more rain from new mexico to wyoming. wet in the pacific northwest. >> a damp 69 in seattle. 88 in sacramento.
3:39 am
99 in colorado springs. 90s from the twin cities to dallas. 89 in detroit. 85 in bean town. all right, how about this story. if you live in a house, perhaps you have a basement where you put the stuff you don't want to deal with, maybe the holiday decorations, old clothes or whatever. >> or your mother-in-law. >> not mine, of course. imagine a colorado homeowner's surprise when they found thihis. this is disturbing and crazy. a horse. >> oh, yeah. where did the horse go? oh, yeah. mr. ed ended up right there in the basement. apparently fell in down there through a very small window. >> very small. how did it get in there? >> i don't know. >> rescuers had to remove a piece of the wall because the horse was just too big to walk up the stairs. about five hours later the horse was out of the house and the owner was left with a repair bill. probably a lot of questions as to how exactly that happened. >> i don't get it. i don't know what to say on that story. >> you can only say the thing about the mother-in-law because you don't have a mother-in-law. once you have one you'll be like, never!
3:40 am
>> you're so convincing. we'll be right back with more "world news now" coming up after this.
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hó spending too many nights alone at the spacebar. will love ever find me?
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♪ oh yes! ♪ what about love?! [ female announcer ] swiffer attracts dust. swiffer 360 dusters gets in hard to reach places. it picks up two times more dust than a feather duster using thousands of fluffy fibers to lock dust away. you're just my type! [ laughs ] [ female announcer ] swg a whole new meaning. ♪ stars at night are big and bright ♪ ♪ deep in the heart of texas >> we heard that son on the way in. >> you've got cowboy boots on too, you can't see them, >> we heard that song on the way in. >> you've got cowboy boots on too, you can't see them, heels this big. >> trust us, that song actually will make sense. get this number, every day 10,000 americans, 10,000, turn 65 years old. that of course means retirement. >> that's right.
3:44 am
that's a long way away for us. >> yes. >> as the baby boomers ease into their golden years as they're called where do they go? that song explains where. here's abc's claire shipman. >> reporter: we thought we knew what retirement was all about. >> sun city in arizona. >> reporter: we were wrong. pat and bill walters have a different idea. did you ever think about just retiring to a golfing community? >> never. ver. >> no, actually. >> we're not golfers. >> we ruled that out. >> reporter: guess what, it turns out the number one new place to fire up the next part of your life? austin, texas. why? >> because it's fun. >> reporter: the census bureau says it has the fastest-growing boomer population in the u.s. and it's a long way from your grandparents' retirement. a big part of the draw for these boomers, the music scece. >> we have more fans now than we did when i was, you know, 20.
3:45 am
but they generally have grandchildren or great grandchildldn. >> reporter: and most critical, says the mayor -- >> low cost of living. >> reporter: not to mention no state income tax and housing 15% below the national average. austin also offers intellectual stimulation. something 4 of 10 boomers say they want. and the university of texas is actively courting them. >> we take three six-week terms every single year. >> do you feel like you're back in college? >> well, without the pressure. >> reporter: austin isn't alone. in 1960, the top three states with the most explosive growth among retirees -- arizona, florida, nevada. today, look which cities are luring them in. raleigh, boise, colorado springs. so let's review. they want affordability, a chance to keep learning, and a little something for the soul. ♪ >> reporter: guess who else wants all that? their 20-year-old grandchildren.
3:46 am
sounds like almost you're having a renaissance. >> yes. >> of your youth. >> actually, in some cases it's better. to me, this is the best town. >> reporter: one of the biggest questions, of course, how do i afford this? later this week we're going to take out our calculatorsrsnd green eyeshades and walk you through it step by step. we have some surprising advice. then tonight a provocative new themem living together apart. some boomers are making it work. claire shipman, abc news, new york. >> i think we like the idea of no income tax. that sounds appealing. >> amen to that. we have the seven new hot retirement spots where people are retiring to. seven santa fe, six minneapolis, five milwaukee, and then boston came in at fourth. >> both you and i are thinking, boston? >> cold weather. >> tough winters there. let's read three through one. portland, oregon, is number three. >> that's your hometown. >> seattle. >> i'm sorry. >> pacific northwest, very close. atlanta, georgia, number two. good weather there.
3:47 am
austin, texas, as we were talking about, no income tax in austin. that would make it pretty appealing. >ou like texas. you'd fit in there. >> i like texas, that's right, oh, yeah. >> on a side note, yeah. coming up, everyone, the music video hunk who may be capturing j. lo's attention. he's capturing everybody's attention. let's be honest. if he's not capturing your attention you probably can't see him. >> cool off, peggy. >> now they're breaking up. we've got the scoop. new scoop on charlie sheen as well. stay tuned, we'll be right back.
3:48 am
3:49 am
i can't believe you're saying that. you would not believe what rob's sayiyi. all right. j. lo. this is the big story. this has been going on for a couple of days. >> yeah, my girl. >> i know. she's splitting up with mark anthony, her husband. they've announced in very black and white terms, we are divorcing. now everybody's saying it's because she's had a hookup behind the scenes with this hot, steamy hunk from her video "i'm into you." apparently she might really be into this guy. sort of the latin brad pitt -- cuban brad pitt.
3:50 am
he also separated from his wife after this steamy video where the two of them hooked up professionally at least, they're saying. >> always wondered a video like that, sexy videos, there has to be some chemistry there, rolling around, everyone's half-naked. >> take a look at this guy. how do you not have chemistry with that? >> peggy is hot and bothered today. >> check him out. i love this. finally we get something for me to look at. all right. now the second part of this, now there's a scandal about this guy, william levy, they're saying he had a romance with an underage woman. most people think this is a pr spin to sort of take the attraction away from the whole j. lo connection. >> he came out and denied this, by we should appointed out. he kind of said, no, i didt mess around with j. lo. >> nothing like that, he's saying it's not true, which sometimes means it absolutely is. >> poor j. lo, call me if you want to talk it out. >> ivanka trump, she's now a proud mama for the first time. she gave birth to a baby girl on sunday. you really like this name. >> arabella. >> arabella rose is the daughter's name. ivanka is 29 years old.
3:51 am
she announced it on twitter as all new moms do. actually the donald's third grandchild. congratulations and hopefully we'll someday soon see that kid's birth certificate. >> yes. we'd love to see that. i do like that name. i think it's very, very pretty. >> it is. >> charlie sheen, we're sorry, we apologize in advance. we do have some charlie sheen news. we want to let you know he's announcing he's got a new gig. it's basically a new tv show that is based on the movie "anger management." although it's going to be "anger management" the tv series. here's sort of the cliff -- the side notes here. the footnote on this. he's saying that it's already been purchased, there's a production company, but so far no network has come out to say, yes, indeed, we're going to be doing a tv show with charlie sheen called "anger management." >> i'm stunned, i'm stunned. >> charlie sheen announces it, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's so. >> good luck with that, charlie. thatatod-awful song "friday." it got 170 million youtube hits. >> you can't see it on youtube anymore. by the way.
3:52 am
>> it's gone, you can't find it. guess what. she has a new song out. take a listen to this one. let's see if this one gets as s trashed. take a listen. ♪ ♪ feels like my moment, my moment ♪ you're gonsome .
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i have? wiwi lleft behind. at's why there'sstrong. vers brand. you sure yes i do. fewer piec female announcer ]y it a little? fresh a reshmates.
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3:56 am
finally, they might not be the women's world cup champions. but team usa got a hero's welcome, much deserved, last night in new york city. >> the tough loss to japan has been a tough pill for the team to swallow. does come with a lesson for the team as well as their fans. here's wabc's jim dolan. >> reporter: as the team arrived in midtown and the cheers rose, the players were starting to hear it all firsthand. >> did you take a look around as you got off the bus? do you have a feel for what you meant to people? >> a little bit. this is the first time we've seen firsthand the support. so it's been incredible. we've been able to see it on twitter and facebook and in the media. but this is amazing. >> reporter: you could hear the sad echo of that final wrenching loss from every player. >> we're disappointed that we didn't come back champions. >> reporter: but you could hear also that it was one remarkable journey to the finals. >> i'm starting to feel the support and it's pretty amazing how the country just really stood behind us. and i don't know why.
3:57 am
i don't know why it was so inspiring but i'm happy it was because i've put my heart and my soul into this teaea >> they're just like such good role models for everybody. they show us like what hard work can do and how you can accomplish your goals. >> theheplayed really well. just stuff happens. yeah. >> was the last game -- did you have your hopes up? did you think they really have a chance? >> yes. >> what was it like when they lost? >> kind of sad. i guess. heart-breaker. >> reporter: we asked what she learned from the women's soccer team. we kind of expected an answer like the importance of hard work, or perseverance. but tacora is first a soccer fan and she learned something altogether different. >> i learned you've got to clear the ball out. >> reporter: pretty good lesson as the team prepares f f the 2012 olympics. >> that was jim dolan reporting there. some people are saying as tough as it was not to get the championship, if any country was to win japan has been through so much recently, in a way it was a nice win for them.
3:58 am
good morale boost. >> if you doubt the popularity of the game, in terms of tweets per second it's now all-time. it beat both the royal wedding and the death of osama bin laden. man: ♪ i'm home and i love it ♪ ♪ i'm home woman: ♪ i'm home ♪ where i belong announcer: it's always nice to come home. but many americans are at risk of f foreclosure and losing their homes. making home afforordable from the u.s. government has already helped over a millllion struggling homeowners like these. the sooner you act,t, the better chance we can help you. manan: ♪ i'm home woman: ♪ i'm home ♪ where i belong
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